Now we will try to illustrate how all pieces of our ecosystem come together to form a single living, growing organism that will give life to our metaverse.

Level. 1

At this level, our island may vary in functionality, mechanics, appearance. Users can roam islands freely, yet custom islands may require a special pass or fee. Every new island developed by our team will add new features and functionality to our universe. This functionality (but not all) later will be made available to the community for them to create their islands. Thus empowering individuals to create and express themselves on our islands. Third-party projects, in their turn, will be able to create islands for their community.

Level. 2

The world exists according to the rules of classical role-playing games, where players choose roles and play them. To develop one needs to cooperate or trade. Game mechanics allow for different cases and scenarios for both the character and the world as a whole to develop. More on that in the section 2 level (RPG)​