We aspire to go on a new level of the gaming economy, where the live market itself generates supply and demand. To achieve our goal we divide the metaverse economy into 2 types, internal and external.
Internal currency - "Valu" will include game currency, resources, building blocks. The economy will rely on the resource sale auction. (Valu <=> resource). Game currency (Valu) can be exchanged for a token ($CIS) (the rate will vary depending on the net number of Valu in the world).
The external economy supported by the blockchain will consist of a $CIS token and NFTs (equipment, artifacts, buildings, land, derivatives). Basis: $CIS<=>Valu token exchange, buying and selling NFTs, staking, boss drops, events.
Interconnectivity of different mechanics (rent, upgrades, crafting, trade exchange, players' interests) keeps currency and resources in constant circulation. Bot protection solutions can safeguard from crafting and resources collection inflation, take care of taxes, and prevent currency burning.