Sergey Degtev Founder. Since childhood, was fond of art, IT and games. I have 6 years of experience as a manager, my last job was the head of a group of analysts in the public procurement system in Moscow. An analytical mindset, senior position background in IT, as well as a huge experience in MMORPG and SANDBOX games, help me to confidently lead the project and achieve our goals.
Victor Abdulov Developer. With experience in developing web applications and games
McRain - Overview
Zyxit Blockchain developer. A team of contractors in charge of the blockchain component.
Caxap647 Web developer. Sweet pie.
Alexandr Iwaac Visual concept developer. Between 2d and 3d. Looking for new styles
Alexandr Iwaac
In such a project as ours, fresh views, ideas and free hands are always needed. So if you think you can be helpful, please contact us!
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