May change during development

1) Functional basis

  • Expanding the first island to 256 sectors
  • Creating a stable base for the islands and basic camera control functionality
  • Basic character control WASD, jump, sprint, fly
  • Model animation
  • The ability to freely walk along low indents and get into buildings
  • Text chat

2) Identification

  • Possibility of network connection to the island without authorization, with a typical nickname “Anonymous”
  • Authorization via MetaMask
  • Inventory displaying purchased plots of land, avatars, accessories for the character, and other things related to the project

3) Construction

  • Landowners will receive an opportunity to build buildings from voxels on their lots
  • Ability to animate the environment
  • Lighting improvement
  • Integration and display of NFT in buildings

4) Reward

  • Create token
  • Airdrop token to the owners of the first island and avatars
5) Character avatars
  • Character Accessories
  • Collaboration with NFT collections

6) Development

  • • Further expansion of the metauniverse with new, unique islands with new functionality
  • Parallel development of the RPG world