For owners

Each NFT group will have its purpose, which may differ from island to island.
Sector of land - A land sector transfers ownership of island plots. By purchasing lots on a particular island, people will get access to the functionality of this island on their site, or certain benefits (a separate description for each island will be provided) (can be created by the community).
Profile Avatars - are 10,000 unique avatars created by our team that will make you stand out and give you many privileges. In addition, we plan to integrate other PFP projects into our metaverse.
Nickname - makes it possible to use a readable nickname rather than a part of the wallet number (created individually).
Accessories - give you individuality. The character will have a number of lots for different accessories (can be created by the community).
Emote animations - are additional unique animations in addition to the basic set (can be created by the community).
With time the list will get longer!