Avatar PFP

Avatars are your profile picture in the game, social networks, and applications. By purchasing our ERC-721 standard NFT avatar on the Ethereum network, you get a PNG image that you can use as you like. Their number amounts to 10000 for 0.05 ETH + gas, each is unique, they are generated from 177 traits.
In addition, you will receive many privileges in our project:
  • special giveaways
  • pre-sale of tokens, lands and our other NFTs
  • Separate chats for avatar owners
  • participation in early exhibitions of community creativity, which will result in cash grants and partnerships.
  • unique avatars of the project which will no longer be
  • also, a random amount of our tokens will be attached to each avatar, which will be issued after the withdrawal of our currency (avatars sold before the final approval of the location, which will be approved after the conclusion of partnerships, are taken into account)


  • Premint 100 avatars for CanvaIsland sector owners and twitter and discord contests
  • Promotion on twitter and discord social networks and adding collection to rarity apps like Rarity Sniper and
  • Expanding the team and adding avatars to the game
  • Holding the first exhibition of community work on CanvaIsland, awarding grants and selecting partners
  • Airdrop of tokens among holders and release of branded merchandise
  • Further exhibitions of community work with grants and partnerships
  • Further development of the CanvaIsland project and organization of events for avatar owners